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Why I’ve decided to go Cruelty – Free…

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love animals. In fact people are often surprised to find out I’m not a vegetarian. The reason why I’m not a vegetarian or vegan is a completely different issue. … although I have decided vegetarian/veganism is not right for me at the moment, I did think what can I do? This is when I started researching make up brands that are/aren’t cruelty free and the results shocked me. I feel I have been so ignorant to the fact that the big name brands I had been purchasing my whole life were not cruelty-free such as; mac, estee lauder and maybelline to name a few. Although many of these companies will state they do not test on animals unless required by law, there are no laws in the UK or USA that states companies have to test on animals.  What this normally means is that they are selling or being manufactured in China where up until 2014, it was required by law that all products sold and manufactured in mainland China must be tested on animals. This has unfortunately not eliminated all animal testing.

So, what are good brands to switch to that are cruelty free I hear you ask? Anastasia Beverly Hills seems to be quite possibly the top pick for everyone wanting to go cruelty free. Their products are pretty well established in the beauty industry and aren’t overly expensive, but that’s just one brand as others include; sleek, elf, the balm, too faced, nars, urban decay, tarte and many many more. If you want to do some research to find out if the brands you’re using are cruelty free or not, I suggest using Leaping Bunny or Peta, or of course just typing the brand into google.  There are also plenty of blogs out there from people who have dedicated their time to find out if brands are cruelty free.

Now although I have decided to commit to only buying cruelty free products, it’s not going to happen over night. Instead of throwing out all my make up and starting again (which if you can do, go ahead!), I have a lot of make up and unfortunately don’t have the funds to start all over again. I’ve divided my make up drawers into sections with all my cruelty free products organised in the drawers I normally keep my make up in, then all the items that aren’t cruelty free in the bottom drawer, I will use up and not be re-purchasing.

Obviously, the first step of going cruelty free will be adjusting my make up products and my next step will be to tackle my other beauty products I use on my hair, teeth, body and general household products. So watch this space and I’ll continue to keep you updated on how going cruelty free is benefiting me and hopefully encouraging other people to do so too.